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The hardest part of quitting an addiction comes at the very beginning — it involves finding the strength to see the truth about your addiction and making up your mind that you no longer want to be this way. Your first step would be to look for alcohol treatment in Framingham; unfortunately, often, this isn't the thought that comes to mind. Many people tend to wonder why they couldn't try to treat their own problem. There tends to be a strange and inexplicable need to stay in control. It's a common enough desire, however; many older people, for example, simply don't trust doctors, and choose to put off treatment as far as possible. They tend to only make things far worse than they need to be. Contact Framingham Alcohol Treatment Centers today to learn more about addiction rehab options (508) 598-9115.

Why You Need Professional Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The withdrawal symptoms can kill: One in 20 of those attempting their own detox experience withdrawal symptoms so serious that they succumb to them. Seizures and cardiac disturbances are distinct possibilities. They occur in 25% of all cases of alcohol withdrawal and prove fatal in 5% of all cases.

The withdrawal symptoms can be bad enough to make you give up: There is more to the symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol than the dangers involved; there is also maddening discomfort. You should expect to be assailed by pain, anxiety, and cravings that last days. Most who attempt the process on their own simply give up and return to alcohol use.

Withdrawal symptoms can damage your chances: With alcohol, seizures are a distinct possibility. These events that affect the brain can cause injury that deepens addiction and makes future sobriety all but impossible.

Addiction is never about choosing to drink. Instead, it is about alcohol-induced changes in the brain that bring about a deeply emotional and sentimental love of alcohol. It may be helpful to see addiction as a form of chemical brainwashing -- when exposed to the chemicals in alcohol, the brain falls in love with it.

Many people who believe they can go sober on their own do so under the belief that they should be able to exert willpower to stay sober. When it comes time for a drink and the cravings switch on, however, there is little willpower left, because the belief system on which will power stands melts away against the power of the love felt for alcohol.

There is no treatment available that can change the mind back into not feeling such love for alcohol. It is permanent. To use the brainwashing vernacular, there is no deprogramming. There is also no way to escape on one's own. What is possible is to attend alcohol treatment in Framingham to receive long-term psychological therapy. Such therapy is scientifically proven to help in a number of ways. Such therapy, in fact, forms the core of alcohol rehab.

Psychiatric Treatment Is Not Doable Alone

Scientific studies indicate that most people suffering from alcoholism suffer a dual disorder -- alcoholism, as well as a psychiatric condition. Often, the psychiatric condition appears first and drives people to alcoholic behavior. Very often, these conditions go undiagnosed through life, and the mental disruption that they cause makes it very hard for these people to focus on thinking clearly about their lives, and on getting better.

Not many people addicted possess the self-awareness necessary to understand that they have a psychiatric disorder. They simply keep trying to get better, unaware that there is a psychiatric disorder at the bottom of their addiction. It isn't possible to will oneself out of a psychiatric disorder; it's important to accept medical treatment. Only a qualified dual diagnosis drug and alcohol rehab in Framingham can treat a condition where both disorders appear together.

It's possible to get better when you have professional care

Escaping addiction is certainly about escaping the withdrawal symptoms that initially appear. There is a great deal of work even once these withdrawal symptoms fade away, however. The process requires great professional expertize. It's possible to find such expert alcohol treatment in Framingham. You only need to look. Call Framingham Alcohol Treatment Centers now for help (508) 598-9115.

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